Corporate Rental

Rent a corporate system for your karaoke party
  • Our easy to use tablet-based karaoke system makes it extremely easy for you and your guests to have a great party
  • Use our speakers with your phone, iPod or MP3 player to listen to your own music when you aren’t karaoke’ing.
  • All our systems include a HDMI cable so you can use your television or projector as a second display
How Long?
Party as much as you want! We’ll deliver the system a few hours before guests start arriving and pick it up the next day (or late the same night)
Two tablets are included, the tablets are used to pick songs and build a playlist, they are ridiculously easy to use!
13 000 songs (1 700 in French!) from the 1950’s to 2018, and all genres. We also have songs in Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese and Korean
A 22″ monitor for the singers to read the lyrics
Two professional wired microphones
Our high-quality speaker system is powerful enough for a party of up to 75 guests
Party Light
A laser light that shoots red and green lasers
A box of props to help give your party a great atmosphere
Installation and delivery is included in our free delivery zone, enter your postal code below to see your delivery fee



Why Karaoke at Your Office Party?

Organizing a party that everyone will enjoy is not easy, especially with office parties. After all they don’t come along very often and you’re trying to please a group of people who will have very varied tastes.karaoke-montreal-singers Now you’ll never find the perfect activity, but you will come very close with a karaoke rental.Why? Well, first of all our systems double as a sound system, so right there you can already spend half the night doing karaoke, half the night listening to music. Second of all, karaoke is a great way to get people out of their seats and dancing. Karaoke is also just a lot of fun and is a great team-building exercise.Finally, our service makes your role as the party planner much easier as we have free delivery and installation, great equipment and a stress-free booking system.

A Real-Life Experience: Garrett

Garrett had Karaoke Montreal at his Christmas office party last December, they partied till the early hours of the morning


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Join Hundreds of Satisfied Clients

We’ve had the pleasure of sharing our karaoke with Montreal area companies big and small: Admission, Autodesk, Bell, Bleublancrouge Marketing, Desjardins, Brio Conseils, Caracol, Evenko, Insight, Leons, Lola Rosa, Mexx, Target, Transcontinental & Vayola. Here are some testimonials from past corporate clients:
“Thanks so much for helping us create a memorable evening! We had such a great time, and your service was exceptional and professional – everything from setting up, supplying your fun accessories, and pick up.”

Helen who celebrated Christmas at her office with Karaoke Montreal

“Who would have thought a karaoke office lunch party would turn out to be one of the most efficient team building activity to end a stressful year! On top of it the machines are easy to use and have a varied music selection to satisfy everyone’s musical style !”

Sarine who had a karaoke lunch at her office.

“My colleagues loved it, and it brought the whole office together!”

Leo T. who had an Office Christmas party at McGill

“Amazing Night! Excellent service, quick and efficient, I recommend Karaoke Montreal without hesitation!”

Sonia who had co-workers over for a Home Karaoke Party

“The night went well and people literally attacked the karaoke. We honestly sang from 5pm till 4am (of course we had a few interruptions for supper and some activities). Withour karaoke the night would not have been as animated and we would not have partied so late. We also really appreciated the tablets and vast catalogue of songs. Thank you very much!”

Anthony who had a Karaoke Office Party


Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer the best karaoke rental service in Montreal. Our state of the art systems are guaranteed to make a great party!*


Hi, I’m Sean, owner of Karaoke Rental Montreal. If you have any questions about our service please send me an email or call 514-360-2472. You can also quickly click here to book